Sunday, February 15, 2009

Meet my new friend!!

I have a life long love of horses. It started as a little girl who collected horse statues, took riding lessons and went to visit the horses that lived on a farm around the corner from my childhood home all the time. I would always ask my parents "if we lived on a farm, would you buy me a horse?" and of course they would always say yes knowing we were NEVER going to live on a farm!!

While we were out taking a drive this morning looking for photo ops, we came across a pretty little farm with a fenced in area right next to the street. All of a sudden, there he was...the most adorable, fat little pony you ever saw!! My husband started to slow down even before I screamed to stop....he knows me so well!! We had our two dogs with us and of course they started to bark at this strange looking thing...The poor pony galloped away and I thought my photo op was gone forever but as soon as I approached the fence and started to talk in that strange baby talk we use only for our furry friends, it came racing back to me!! I took its picture, scratched his muzzle and talked to him...he was more dog than pony. If I stopped petting him long enough to take his picture, he would nudge me with his nose as if to say "come're not done petting me!!" Oh, I wanted to take him home!!

At last I said good bye to my new friend and got in the car....our dogs, sniffing away, were still trying to figure out what that strange thing was.


Beth said...

how nice and cute he is.....I have a huge fear of horses but love to photograph them.

Chauncey said...

He's very cute, Yank. Glad you had a nice day.

Sixsisters said...

Oh gosh what a sweetheart ! A nice way to spend the

Lisa Gatz said...

I have had that same love affair with horses since I was a girl. We never grow out of it, do we?!

unfortunately, I'm severely allergic and haven't been able to be around them since I was 17 and had to sell my horse. :-(

maryeb said...

They are gorgeous. Nice shot.
You've really done well with your new blog.
I named you for the Kreativ Blogger Award.

AltheaP said...

Great pics! I wish he was yours (which is what I first thought before reading).