Sunday, February 8, 2009

Finally bought an orchid!!

I went to an orchid show this morning with the intention of taking some photos and just enjoying the beauty of these flowers on this cold winters day. OK, not so's suppose to hit almost 60 today but it is February!! I wandered around taking some great captures and inhaling the wonderful smells that were in that greenhouse and then I saw it...this gorgeous miniature orchid that had to be mine!!! I've always wanted an orchid but always heard they were hard to grow, expensive, my cats would eat them, etc. The woman who was selling it explained to me what I needed to know about growing orchids (not so hard), it wasn't all that expensive (after all it IS a miniature!!) and I could put it somewhere the cats can't get to it!! Sooooo, this little beauty is now in the living room, on the desk near the front door looking very happy!! Enjoy!

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maryeb said...

This is gorgeous. Glad you decided to give it a try. I have a few orchids. Some of them even re-bloom from time to time.
Keep us posted on how your baby's doing.