Tuesday, January 10, 2012

 I started painting something new last year.  I lovingly referred to them as "The Girlfriends".  Nothing more than big blobs of gorgeous watercolor paint in bright, crazy colors that are all blended together so the colors run together and do the wonderful things that watercolors do.  Next....the magic happens.  They become your friends, daughters, sisters or any other female in your life.  I give them hair color and hair styles and props (mostly alcoholic beverage related) like animals or balloons and they are brought to life.  

I mostly do themes that I come up with but I will happily do customized "Girlfriends" too.  I have done a 40th and 25th birthday celebrations, five daughters, family portraits with sisters and mothers with their kids.  Yes....sons too!  

Please visit "The Girlfriends" section of my Etsy shop for original paintings, t-shirts, cards, tote bags and more with the "Girls" on them.

If you don't see something you want....just ask!

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