Friday, January 25, 2013

A Little Sunflower Painting that drove me NUTS!!

After I sketched out this little sunflower painting I took paint brush in hand and said "WHAT"?????  See all of the little petals and green pointy things around the base a the sunflower??  Well.....I couldn't figure out what was supposed to be green and what was supposed to be yellow.  I mean really....  They all looked alike in the sketch and and I was painting leaves yellow and petals green.  Sheesh.   After MUCH redoing and redrawing and cursing I think I tamed the beast.  I'd like to introduce you to...."Sunny Flower".

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

          My love of animals is no secret.  My friends know.  My family knows.  My Facebook friends CERTAINLY know from all of the photos I post of our fur babies....  I have always admired painters who could paint animals especially dogs and horses.  Me....I paint flowers.  I gave myself a goal, a  challenge 
if you will, to practice painting animals.  Of course I practiced on
my own gorgeous Golden Retriever, Madison, first.  First 
couple of tries...not so good but I kept practicing and I am now happy with what I am coming up with.  Then my next goal was to master a horse.  Again, not so good in the beginning but with
perseverance and a couple of ripped up paintings I am proud
with my last attempt which is seen to the below.  
      I am happy to say that I am now offering a listing in my shop for pet portaits done in beautiful watercolor.  Immortalize your own fur baby or give the animal lover in your life a gift that they will absolutely love...         
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