Saturday, September 19, 2009

Facebook Newbie...

So....Wasn't I the one who said she would NEVER join Facebook. Just this past Labor Day as I was traveling on a bus to Yankee Stadium I declared to some friends who were on the trip with me that I would NEVER join Facebook. I said "I don't need one more thing to keep my butt in my desk chair in front of my computer"! Being the outdoor girl that I am...I REALLY don't need one more website to look after and keep me inside.

Well...A week ago Saturday (5 days after that fateful bus trip), I came home from work and checked all of the afore mentioned websites PLUS my email and what do I find??? An invitation from a friend (you know who you are!) who has once again invited me to join Facebook.

Hmmm.....maybe I should just take a peek at what all of the hoopla is on this silly website. Just a peek mind you.

Well....before you know it, 3 hours have gone by (mind you it was a crappy day outside) and I have my FB "Wall" set up and have "friended" who knows how many people!! I'm listing my paintings and my photography, posting "My Life" photos, getting friend requests from people who I never would have believed would be on Facebook (can you say Firefighters???) and generally just enjoying the whole FB experience!!! after being on FB for two weeks exactly, I infected most of my FB friends computers with a virus. Now mind you, it was not my intention to do this but I opened a link that a "friend" sent me (you know who you are) that spread like wildfire across my FB friends list. Never mind that it was a link to a porn site!!! LOL Some of my friends commented that they rather enjoyed the link (you know who you are) but didn't enjoy being screamed at by their anti virus software!!

Anyway...I think all of the computers of my friends are safe and sound tonight but I bet they regret sending me my Facebook invitation (you know who you are!!) one last time!!!