Sunday, October 3, 2010

My love/hate relationship with prints

I had a hard and fast rule about selling prints of my watercolor paintings that are still in my possession....I wouldn't compete against my own higher priced painting with an inexpensive replica. I have offered prints of paintings that I have either sold or given away to friends and family but as long as I had the had to buy the original. So there...!

Well....after a little investigating, I have discovered how well artists on Etsy and other online venues have done with there prints. So....I have jumped on the band wagon. Most of these artists that sell prints also have the original painting on sale in their shops. Not everyone can afford original artwork and I'm glad they have the option of owning an affordable print of a painting that they love.

So.....I have jumped on the print bandwagon!!

Please visit my watercolor print section to see some very affordable artwork. can buy an original!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Come On Spring!!

I am writing this on a dreary, rainy, chilly spring day that followed a few absolutely magnificent winter days...go figure. I have been dreaming of my gorgeous lilacs in full bloom not only because of their beauty but also the way they fill our backyard with that wonderful fragrance and just of their reminder of spring and all it represents.

After a wicked winter full of cold, wind and LOTS of snow I think this year more than in recent years, we deserve a warm, lilac filled spring. Unfortunately, because of all of the wicked weather our 65 + year old lilac bushes have been pretty beaten up but with the warmth of the late winter days, what is left of them have started to bud out and reach out to the sun. Welcome back my friends!