Monday, January 24, 2011

This Girls Stuff Update

I have always been rather sentimental about things. I own quite a few antiques that have been in my family for generations and are on display in my home. I love looking at them every day and having them as part of my life however there are some things that are tucked away and never seen or interacted with. These are the things that I am ready to part with. I believe they could be in better hands than mine in the form of a collector or someone who loves to sew.

I have an old tin that is full of my Grandmother's buttons. I love them. I remember playing with them as a little girl and it brings back great memories. My mother then inherited them when Grandma died and then I got the tin when my parents moved to a much smaller home.

I love them but I have looked at them maybe once in the eight years they have been living with me. It seems such a shame and that is why I have decided to part with least some of them. I honestly can't look at any of them and say I remember any particular one from my childhood, I just remember them as part of my childhood. I put aside a few favorite ones for me and also some for the little girl next door who announced to her mother the other day that she wants to start a collection buttons but other than that.....they are for sale.

So please peruse my beautiful collection of buttons that were handed down from my Grandmother to my Mother to me. There's alotta buttons so come back often!!

"Stuff I've loved in the past can be yours to love in the future"!


Judy Nolan said...

These are really unusual (and pretty), Carol. I'd have a hard time letting go of them. I'll bet there's still a part of you that is saying, "Should I do this?"

Yankeegirl said...

Judy, there definitely is a part of me that is wondering if I'm doing the right thing. I am keeping my favorite ones so that will help. Maybe with a smaller number of them I can display them instead of having them put away somewhere.